Will NC Healthcare Bill Affect Charlotte Area Residents?

A new health insurance bill will allow nonprofit organizations in North Carolina to offer health benefit plans to their members in order to make health insurance more affordable for their members. The bill came about after a request by the North Carolina Farm Bureau and NC Realtors who believe this is a solution to the shortcomes of the Affordable Care Act or ACA. It is based on programs that already exist in Iowa and Tennessee. If you are seeking Charlotte, NC Health insurance, contact The Mair Agency now.

These plans would not have to cover pre-existing conditions for members and would not need to adhere to heavy regulations. Since this bill is so new and won’t go into effect until 2020, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is still in the process of determining how it can impact its members.

The insurer is working with lawmakers in North Carolina to ensure the new legislation does not lead to increased premiums for their customers or reduce important protections. Those opposed to the bill explained that it would motivate non-profits to cherry pick the youngest and healthiest ACA customers and leave the ACA with a high-risk pool and skyrocketing premiums.

To meet eligibility requirements and offer health benefit plans, non-profits must be incorporated in North Carolina, running for at least 10 years, and provide memberships for individuals and businesses in all 100 counties in North Carolina, including Mecklenburg County.

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