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Wilmington, North Carolina is the territory of one of our best agents – Wayne Oliver. Wayne has been working in and around Wilmington for a significant amount of time which gives him the expertise to assist you in your health insurance needs in New Hanover County. You can reach out to him at 919-459-2683 or 855-ITS-BLUE (855-487-2583). As with all of our agents, Wayne will be more than happy to meet you at the location of your choice to discuss Wilmington, NC health insurance rates for 2021.

Blue Cross NC Health Insurance

Wilmington, NC Growth

Relocating to Wilmington

New Hanover County, NC Health Insurance

Blue Cross NC Dental

Blue Cross NC Health Insurance

In 2021, there are a number of Blue Cross, Blue Shield of North Carolina insurance plans available to those that reside in New Hanover County. As your Wilmington area health insurance agency, we understand what each of these plans offers that is unique to other health insurance plans. We will also be willing to sit down with you and discuss any questions you may have as it relates to which doctors are in the network, which prescriptions are covered and any type of emergency situations that may arise. Our agent Wayne Oliver will be your go to expert when it comes to Wilmington, NC health insurance quotes and policies. You may want to also research further on our Raleigh, NC Health Insurance page.

Wilmington, NC Growth

The population of Wilmington, North Carolina has almost doubled in the last two decades. In 1999, the population was 65,255 and today is it over 117,000. With more and more North Carolinians looking to enjoy life on the coast it should come as no surprise that Wilmington is their destination of choice. It may also shock some to know that Wilmington is a “Hollywood” town with major films such as Iron Man, The Conjuring and most Nicholas Sparks movies filmed in the coastal North Carolina town.

Some of the largest employers in Wilmington, NC include:

  • Pharmaceutical Product Development
  • New Hanover Regional Medical Center
  • UNC Wilmington
  • Verizon Wireless
  • CastleBranch
  • GE Power
  • nCino
  • Harris Teeter
  • Corning
  • WalMart

Relocating to Wilmington

Whether you are moving to the area for a new job, searching for a new job or plan on retiring in the next few months, The Mair Agency can assist you with your health insurance needs. We will be more than happy to explain you options whether you are looking for short term insurance, self employment insurance or any other type of health insurance. Our agents will go above and beyond to answer any question you may have as it relates to doctors in your network, emergency hospital visits, prescriptions covered and dental plans.

New Hanover County, NC Blue Cross NC Health Insurance

Blue Advantage, Blue Select and Blue Value are the Blue Cross NC plans that are offered in New Hanover County. To better assist you in choosing the correct policy, Wayne Oliver will need more information related to your overall health and lifestyle. He will be more than happy to discuss the types of coverage available, the cost of coverage and what doctors and hospitals are in the network.

We do not want you to feel as if you are in the dark with anything related to your Wilmington, NC Health Insurance policy. We are open and available to discuss any questions you may have in relation to Medicare Part A and Part B, Medicare Supplements or general family health insurance. Do not hesitate to call us any time. If you would like to know more about getting NC healthcare without ACA do not hesitate to lean on The Mair Agency.

Blue Cross NC Dental

Many people often ask us about Blue Cross NC Dental insurance. If you would like to reduce your overall dental costs by adding dental insurance to your health insurance, use this link. We often find that many families with young children prefer to add on dental insurance as preventative maintenance is very important for younger children. Almost all parents want their children to have healthy teeth growing up. Rather than worrying about paying a large bill every time you go to the dentist, it might be wise to consider adding Blue Cross NC Dental to your health insurance.


There’s no denying health insurance and Medicare, specifically are confusing. Whether you’re new to Medicare or have received coverage for years, there are a number of questions you may have. To make your life easier, our Medicare experts at the Mair Agency have put together this list of frequently asked questions. Of course, if you have a question that we didn’t include, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to answer questions and simplify the complicated world of health insurance for Charlotte residents.

What are the eligibility requirements for Medicare?

To take advantage of Medicare, you must be at least 65. You also need to be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who has lived in the states for a minimum of five years. Additionally, you or your spouse must have a work history of at least 10 years that makes you eligible for Social Security or Railroad Retirement benefits.

Do I have to receive Social Security to get Medicare?

Even though you don’t have to be on Social Security before you can get Medicare, it is your responsibility to enroll. This means you must sign up for Medicare during your initial enrollment period: your 65th birthday month, three months before it, or three months after it.

Do I need to sign up for Medicare?

If you’re collecting Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board benefits, you’ll be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B automatically. This will happen on the first day of the month you turn 65. You will have to enroll on your own manually, if you’re not receiving Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board benefits. You can do so on your 65th birthday month as well as three months before and three months after.

What does Medicare open enrollment mean?

Every year, Medicare has open enrollment between October 15th and December 7th. You may make changes to your Medicare plans during this time. The Medicare open enrollment period is also a great time to enroll in a Medicare supplement plan.

Am I eligible for Medicare if I already have Medicaid?

Depending on your financial situation, you may be able to enroll in both Medicare and Medicaid. If you’re not eligible for Medicaid while you have Medicare, you might still qualify for a federal Medicare Savings Program.

What is a Medicare Supplement Plan?

Also known as Medigap, a Medicare Supplement Plan helps cover some of the costs that Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) doesn’t pay for. It can help make out-of-pocket healthcare expenses more affordable. You can buy a Medicare Supplement Plan during the six-month Medigap open enrollment period.

Do I have to pay a premium for Medicare Part A?

If you’re at least 65 and you or your spouse paid Medicare taxes for a minimum of 10 years, you won’t have to pay a premium for Part A. You can also enjoy premium free Medicare if you’re collecting Social Security or Railroad Retirement benefits or you’re eligible to receive them but haven’t applied yet. In addition, you may get Part A without a premium if you or your spouse worked in a Medicare-covered government job.

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Just awarded the #1 Medicare Agency by Blue Cross NC

We were contracted by Blue Cross NC in 1996 and quickly became an Exclusive Presidents Club Agency for them, maintaining this top producing agency level year after year. We are honored to receive the #1 Medicare Agency in North Carolina for two years in a row.

This award and acknowledgment requires much more than selling a product. This recognition requires our agency to exhibit unsurpassed customer service as well as provide advisors/agents that are consistently the most informed, educated and best support-arm for you, our clients.

We thank our existing clients for having the faith and trust in us that brought us to this achievement. For those of you approaching the need to now benefit from the Medicare you supported for many years with your tax dollars, and maybe some of you that wonder if you have made the best choices in the past, we welcome you to give The Mair Agency an opportunity to meet you. We will ensure you have complete knowledge of all your options and perhaps become a family member of the #1 agency in North Carolina with BlueCross and BlueShield.