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Medicare Part A & B

With Medicare Part A and Part B, you are eligible to enroll 3 months before age 65, the month you turn 65 and 3 months after you turn 65 (you may have to pay a lifetime penalty if you enroll late – if you have credible coverage through an employer or spouse’s employer the penalty will not apply). Original Medicare was split into two parts:


  • Helps pay hospital expenses including: Room & Board, Rehabilitation in a skilled nursing facility, Hospice & Home Heathcare
  • There is *NO* cost for Part A if you were employed for an accumulation period of 40 quarters and you paid health care taxes during all quarters
  • There is a deductible during 2023 of $1600 per benefit period for hospital stays (a benefit period begins the day you are admitted and continues 60 days after discharge. If you are readmitted after your benefit period ends, you will be charged the deductible period again)
  • Extended hospital stays can result in significant out of pocket cost

For Example: 61-90 days $400 per day | 91+ days $800 per day


  • Helps pay doctors, specialists, surgeons, and durable medical equipment
  • There is a deductible during 2023 of $226. Medicare will pay 80% of medically necessary healthcare after the deductible. You will be responsible for the remaining 20%
  • The monthly cost of *PART B* is based on your income. For most people the cost in 2023 is $164.90. (If your income in 2022 was above $97,000 for an individual, or $194,000 for a joint return, your part B premium will be higher *see chart*)

Part B Premiums by Income

If your yearly income in 2021 (for what you pain in 2023) was You pay each month (in 2023)
File individual tax return File joint tax return File married & separate tax return
$97,000 or less $194,000 or less $97,000 or less $164.90
above $97,000 up to $123,000 above $194,000 up to $246,000 Not applicable $230.80
above $123,000 up to $153,000 above $246,000 up to $306,000 Not applicable $329.70
above $153,000 up to $183,000 above $306,000 up to $366,000 Not applicable $428.60
above $183,000 and less than $500,000 above $366,000 and less than $750,000 above $97,000 and less $403,000 $527.50
$500,000 or above $750,000 or above $403,000 or above $560.50

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We were contracted by Blue Cross NC in 1996 and quickly became an Exclusive Presidents Club Agency for them, maintaining this top producing agency level year after year. We are honored to receive the #1 Medicare Agency in North Carolina for two years in a row.

This award and acknowledgment requires much more than selling a product. This recognition requires our agency to exhibit unsurpassed customer service as well as provide advisors/agents that are consistently the most informed, educated and best support-arm for you, our clients.

We thank our existing clients for having the faith and trust in us that brought us to this achievement. For those of you approaching the need to now benefit from the Medicare you supported for many years with your tax dollars, and maybe some of you that wonder if you have made the best choices in the past, we welcome you to give The Mair Agency an opportunity to meet you. We will ensure you have complete knowledge of all your options and perhaps become a family member of the #1 agency in North Carolina with BlueCross and BlueShield.