Getting NC Healthcare Without ACA

There is a new proposal to provide North Carolina residents with cheaper health care coverage. Proposal supporters explain that the product in the legislation is not health insurance. However, it would pay for medical expenses and is intended to assist individuals and families who cannot afford health insurance. If you are seeking Raleigh, NC health insurance or any type of Blue Cross NC insurance policy, contact The Mair Agency today.

Those opposed to the proposal state that allowing these types of plans will motivate nonprofits such as the North Carolina Farm Bureau to cherry pick the healthiest and youngest Affordable Care Act or ACA customers and create a high-risk ACA with costly prices.

It’s important to note that the proposal would allow certain nonprofits to offer health benefit plans that were considered junk insurance by the ACA. Since health benefits allow organizations to reject applicants with pre-existing conditions such as cancer or charge those who are older or very sick high fees, they have been controversial for quite some time.

In addition, health benefit plans can cap lifetime financial benefits and do not have to meet any requirements that guarantee they will have the funds to pay for the medical bills of their customers. Also, health benefit plans do not cover preventive health or mental health like ACA health insurance plans.

Organizations that have been around for at least a decade and have statewide memberships are the only ones that would be eligible to offer the health benefit plans and compete with health insurance. These organizations can accept just about anyone so it won’t be surprising of many people join in order to enjoy cheaper health benefits.

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