Why Should You Choose an NC Health Insurance Agent/Broker Over Healthcare.gov

The primary reason a person chooses are if they’re properly informed, would choose to have a broker, an agent, to assist them in not just their health insurance needs, but certainly that’s what we’re talking about now, the Affordable Care Act, versus going directly to what’s called the Federal Marketplace (Healthcare.gov), is, with all due respect and love for our colleagues in the Federal Marketplace, some of them are not even licensed agents. They may well be. Most of them are not in your geographic location and have very limited, intimate information regarding facilities in your general location, be it Duke, UNC, REX, or whatever would be the facility to receive care.

I, all my life, have seen the value of having an agent that is well informed, that is not paid any more money, your premiums are not one dime higher, to have a seasoned professional advise you. And again, I’m not disparaging the Federal Marketplace employees, but this is not their career. This is not their expertise. This is not what they spend time and time every year going.