Are UNC, Rex and Duke Hospitals Part of 2019 Affordable Care Act?

To address receiving medical care under the Affordable Care Act in 2019, in Durham and Wake County, rest assured, if your medical needs are of an emergency, you’re covered. And I like to say this day and time you’re covered anywhere on the planet. If you’re receiving or seeking ongoing medical care, something less than an emergency, to get benefits, you have to stay with the network.

In 2019, the Affordable Care Act in Durham and Wake County, the network is UNC and REX Hospital. Duke University Medical Center is not a part of that network. However, again, in an emergency, if that’s the nearest facility, you’re covered. If you are a small business owner or a large business owner for that matter, we have a unique situation in North Carolina that Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina offers small employers, even as small as one employee, to have a group plan. And that is not under the Affordable Care Act, which opens up the network to include Duke University Medical Center.