Medicare Supplement Plan Insurance Wilmington, NC

If you have recently turned 65, chances are that you are pretty new to having a Medicare plan. If you live in Wilmington, NC, do you know if you are getting the best coverage possible so you don’t have to pay expensive out-of-pocket fees? If you have Original Medicare, you should research getting full coverage with the addition of a Medicare Supplement plan.

Medicare Supplement Plans: Things to Know

There are several things that are important to know when it comes to choosing the right Medigap Plan. There are certain conditions in which you can and cannot get a Medigap plan and what the plan will cover in each instance.

You Have to Have Medicare Plans A & B

If you are interested in getting a Medicare Supplement plan, just know that you have to have Original Medicare to get Medigap. You cannot get a supplement plan if you already have Medicare Advantage.

You Cannot use one Plan for You and Your Spouse

If both you and your spouse have Original Medicare and would like to include a supplement plan, you cannot be on the same plan together. You and your spouse must each pay a premium for your own Medicare Supplement Plans.

You Can Buy a Medigap Plan From Anybody in NC Licensed to Sell One

Medigap plans are sold by private insurance companies that are licensed to sell the plan. As of 2020, there were 52 private agency’s recorded to having the license to sell Medicare Supplement Plans.

Medigap Coverage in Wilmington, NC

Wilmington NC

If you are located in Wilmington North Carolina and need help looking for a Medigap plan, contact The Mair Agency today! In North Carolina, you are eligible for a Medigap coverage if you have Original Medicare coverage.

Over 2 million North Carolina Residents are covered by Medicare. Out of those 2 million plus members, about 16% of them are under the age of 65 and have a disability. If you are elligible for Original Medicare, you are eligible for a Medicare supplement plan as well.

Contact The Mair Agency for Medigap Plans in Wilmington

If you are located near Wilmington, NC, you can trust The Mair Agency of Cary to find the right Medicare coverage for you. The Mair Agency has been satisfying happy customers for over 25 years and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Medicare insurance can be difficult to navigate by yourself as you will most likely have many questions about how everything works. We are here for you to ask all your burning questions and give you the best and most helpful answer. Use the contact form below to reach out to us. We will have all of your questions answered in no time and we will get you ready to buy your first supplement plan.

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Just awarded the #1 Medicare Agency by Blue Cross NC

We were contracted by Blue Cross NC in 1996 and quickly became an Exclusive Presidents Club Agency for them, maintaining this top producing agency level year after year. We are honored to receive the #1 Medicare Agency in North Carolina for two years in a row.

This award and acknowledgment requires much more than selling a product. This recognition requires our agency to exhibit unsurpassed customer service as well as provide advisors/agents that are consistently the most informed, educated and best support-arm for you, our clients.

We thank our existing clients for having the faith and trust in us that brought us to this achievement. For those of you approaching the need to now benefit from the Medicare you supported for many years with your tax dollars, and maybe some of you that wonder if you have made the best choices in the past, we welcome you to give The Mair Agency an opportunity to meet you. We will ensure you have complete knowledge of all your options and perhaps become a family member of the #1 agency in North Carolina with BlueCross and BlueShield.