Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C is Better Known as Medicare Advantage

With Medicare Advantage plans, the government pays a set fee to your plan for your health care and then your plan pays the doctors and hospitals.

Medicare Advantage Plans include:

  • The same coverages and services as Medicare Parts A and B. Plans may also include extra benefits at NO additional cost to the Member such as: Dental/Vision, discounts on hearing aids, fitness programs and gym memberships
  • Part A benefits, including hospital visits, skilled nursing care and home health care.
  • Part B benefits, including doctor visits, outpatient care, screenings, shots, lab tests, etc.
  • Prescription drug coverage (Part D) is included in most Medicare Advantage plans.
  • No waiting periods for pre-existing conditions.

Medicare Advantage Offers PPO and HMO plans that provide:

  • Co-pay to doctor / specialist
  • Co-pays to Emergency Room / Urgent Care
  • Prevention Care
  • Outpatient Co-Pays
  • Hospital Care
  • Prescription Drug Coverage

These plans provide out of pocket maximums to protect you from catastrophic situations.  You must also enroll in Medicare Part A & B.  Medicare Part C plans can cost substantially less than Medicare Supplements as well.  Initial enrollment begins 3 months before Medicare Parts A & B are effective and up to 3 months after.

Annual enrollment and the opportunity to make changes to your plan is October 15th through December 7th of each year. Contact a Mair Agency Medicare consultant to determine which products are right for your needs and budget.