Medicare Part C is better known as “Medicare Advantage” Medicare Advantage is available to you through an insurance company that is assigned your medicare benefits. In turn the insurance company provides your health coverage that may be similar to what you have had in the past.

These coverages may include PPO and HMO plans that provide:

  • Co-pay to doctor / specialist
  • Co-pays to Emergency Room / Urgent Care
  • Prevention Care
  • Outpatient Co-Pays
  • Hospital Care
  • Prescription Drug Coverage

These plans provide out of pocket maximums to protect you from catastrophic situations.  You must also enroll in Medicare Part A & B.  Medicare C plans can cost substantially less than Medicare Supplements as well.  Initial enrollment is a 7 month period after having enrolled in the Part A & B options.  This includes a 3 month before you turn 65 element. Annual enrollment and the opportunity to make changes to your plan is October 15th through December 7th of each year.