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Quality Dental Insurance is Within Reach

Protect your overall health with dental coverage you can smile about. Along with good dental care each day, regular dental checkups can help detect, prevent, and treat gum disease and related problems. With Dental Blue for Individuals, you’re covered for a broad range of dental services!


What You Get

  • Affordable premiums with easy ways to pay
  • Two checkups and cleanings covered each benefit period
  • No deductible or wait for preventive services
  • Coverage for fillings, gum treatments, crowns, and more
  • Large network of dentists to choose from.
  • Coverage for you and your family
Type of CoverageMember Responsibility
Preventive services: Routine oral exams and cleanings, bitewing X-rays, sealants (for members 6 to 15 years old), space maintainers (for members under 16 years old), pulp texting, fluoride treatment, (for members through 18 years old only), palliative emergency treatment at the dentist, emergency oral examinations at the dentist, other diagnostic and preventive services. *3NONE
Basic Services: Fillings, simple extractions, stainless steel crows and other basic services. *330% after deductible
Major Services: Gum therapy, root canals, oral surgery, inlays and onlays, crowns and bridges, dentures, and other major services. *350% after deductible
Annual maximum for all services *5: (per covered member)$1,000
Waiting Periods: Preventive services/ basic services/ major servicesNone/ 6 months/ 12 months
Deductible: Basic and major services$75

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Dental Blue

Notes: 3 Refer to the member booklet for a full list of diagnostic and preventive, basic and major services.

5 Based on allowed amount. Annual maximum on all services is $1,000 (includes diagnostic and preventive, basic and major services).