Michael Martin

In April of 2003 I started my career in the insurance industry. I am a licensed agent for Health, Life and Annuities and am enjoying life! I specialize in 401k rollovers, individual healthcare, Medicare Supplements and Long-Term Care. My professional awards are on the fraternal insurance side with the Knights of Columbus.

This career has been absolutely amazing! I have met terrific people, made new friends and learn every year what is new and exciting in the field. It has allowed me to also schedule my leisure time wisely. Fishing trips to Michigan for the Steelhead run, catching a Notre Dame home football game, spending the holidays with my grown children, Megan and Margaret ages 33 (identical twins) and my son Michael John age 31. I thank the Mair Agency for adding me to be a part of the ride!

Some of the more common questions my clients ask:

  • How much insurance do we need?
  • What is the difference between Term and Whole Life insurance?

Serving the Counties of:

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