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Health Insurance In High Point, North Carolina

If you are looking for health insurance coverage and you are located in High Point, NC, you’ve come to the right place. Here at the Mair Agency we have helped customers in High Point, the Greensboro area, and all over North Carolina find the health insurance plan that gives them the coverage that they are looking for .

If you live in High Point, NC and you are looking for Medicare, Life insurance, dental insurance, or any other kind of health insurance, contact The Mair Agency today! Below are just a few of our most popular services that we offer our customers from all over North Carolina.

Medicare Health Insurance

Once you’re approaching the age of 65, you should start to look for a health insurance plan that is reliable and gives you the coverage that you need. Here at The Mair Agency, we can help those age 65 and beyond find or switch to the right Medicare plan that covers what you specifically need.

We partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield to give you the best rates on your Medicare plan and to ensure that all of your medical costs are covered. Our goal is to save you as much money as possible when it comes to choosing the right Medicare plan for you.

Individual/Family Health Insurance

Find the right health insurance coverage for both you and your family with the help of The Mair Agency. Our knowledgable experts can help you find the health insurance plan that matches all the areas of medical coverage that you need.

We can help you find the right insurance plan at the best rate possible. Our partnership of BCBS allows us to show you easy comparisons between available health insurance plans.

Dental Insurance Plans

If you are not currently covered with dental health insurance, this is a must for you. The Mair Agency can help you find a great dental health insurance plan that allows you to pay less out of pocket for routine dental visits and emergency dental care.

Partner with us today to find a great dental health insurance plan that will guarantee you the coverage that you need.

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Our office is located in Cary, North Carolina, though it is not necessary to visit our headquarters to receive our amazing health insurance services. We are just a phone call away from you. We offer online appointments to our customers so that anyone looking for health insurance in North Carolina can have easy access to our professionals.

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Just awarded the #1 Medicare Agency by Blue Cross NC

We were contracted by Blue Cross NC in 1996 and quickly became an Exclusive Presidents Club Agency for them, maintaining this top producing agency level year after year. We are honored to receive the #1 Medicare Agency in North Carolina for two years in a row.

This award and acknowledgment requires much more than selling a product. This recognition requires our agency to exhibit unsurpassed customer service as well as provide advisors/agents that are consistently the most informed, educated and best support-arm for you, our clients.

We thank our existing clients for having the faith and trust in us that brought us to this achievement. For those of you approaching the need to now benefit from the Medicare you supported for many years with your tax dollars, and maybe some of you that wonder if you have made the best choices in the past, we welcome you to give The Mair Agency an opportunity to meet you. We will ensure you have complete knowledge of all your options and perhaps become a family member of the #1 agency in North Carolina with BlueCross and BlueShield.