Does Medicare Cover Lift Chairs? A Comprehensive Guide

Lift chairs, also known as lift recliners, are a boon for individuals facing mobility challenges due to aging, arthritis, or recent surgeries. These specially designed chairs combine the comfort of a recliner with a built-in lifting mechanism that assists users in transitioning from a seated to a standing position and vice versa. However, the cost of lift chairs can be substantial, leading many Medicare beneficiaries to wonder if Medicare covers any of the expenses associated with these devices. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the intricacies of Medicare coverage for lift chairs, eligibility criteria, costs involved, and alternative options for financial assistance.

Understanding Lift Chairs

Before delving into Medicare coverage, it’s essential to understand what lift chairs entail. Unlike stair lifts or patient lifts, which serve different purposes, lift chairs resemble regular recliners but are equipped with a motorized lifting device. This mechanism tilts the base and back of the chair forward, facilitating a smooth transition for users between sitting and standing positions.

Medicare Coverage for Lift Chairs

Yes, Medicare Part B does offer coverage for the lifting device component of lift chairs, provided certain criteria are met. However, it’s crucial to note that Medicare typically does not cover the entire cost of the chair itself or any additional accessories such as fabric, cushions, or massage pads. To qualify for Medicare coverage for a lift chair, individuals must:

  1. Have Medicare Part B or a Medicare Advantage Plan: Coverage under Medicare Part B or a Medicare Advantage Plan is a prerequisite for eligibility. If enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan, individuals should consult their private insurance provider to understand coverage rules, costs, and approved suppliers.
  2. Obtain a Certificate of Medical Necessity: A physician’s prescription stating the medical necessity of the lift chair is essential. The prescribing physician must complete sections B and D of the “Certificate of Medical Necessity for Seat Lift Mechanisms form” (Medicare form CMS-849).
  3. Meet Medical Necessity Criteria: The lift chair’s seat lift mechanism is deemed medically necessary if the individual:
    • Suffers from severe arthritis of the hip or knee or a qualifying neuromuscular disease.
    • Is completely incapable of standing up from a regular chair without assistance.
    • Can walk independently or with the aid of a walker or cane, emphasizing the importance of the lift chair in facilitating mobility.
    • Has the seat lift mechanism integrated into the physician’s treatment plan to improve or maintain their condition.
  4. Purchase from Medicare-Participating Suppliers: Individuals must procure their lift chairs from Medicare-participating suppliers that accept assignment to ensure Medicare coverage.

Cost Considerations

While Medicare covers 80% of the Medicare-approved amount for the lifting device component, individuals are responsible for the remaining 20%, along with any applicable deductibles. The reimbursement amount for the lifting device may vary by state, typically averaging around $300. Additionally, individuals may need to cover the remaining cost of the chair itself.

Finding Approved Suppliers

To identify Medicare-approved suppliers in their area, individuals can utilize the supplier locator tool on the Medicare website. It’s essential to ensure that both the prescribing physician and the supplier are enrolled in Medicare to facilitate claims processing and coverage.

Medicare Coverage Process for Lift Chairs

The process for obtaining Medicare coverage for lift chairs involves several steps:

  1. Consultation with Healthcare Provider: Discuss mobility needs with a healthcare provider to determine if a lift chair is medically necessary. Obtain a prescription and necessary documentation supporting the need for the equipment.
  2. Eligibility Confirmation: Ensure eligibility for Medicare coverage, including enrollment in Medicare Part B or a Medicare Advantage Plan.
  3. Selection of Medicare-Approved Supplier: Choose a Medicare-approved supplier that offers lift chairs and accepts Medicare assignment.
  4. Understanding Costs: Clarify financial responsibilities, including deductibles, coinsurance, and any out-of-pocket expenses.
  5. Documentation Submission: Provide the supplier with the necessary documentation, including the prescription and Certificate of Medical Necessity, for Medicare claim processing.
  6. Claim Submission to Medicare: The supplier submits a claim to Medicare on behalf of the individual for the lift chair, adhering to Medicare guidelines and requirements.
  7. Follow-Up and Compliance: Ensure compliance with Medicare guidelines throughout the process to facilitate seamless coverage and reimbursement.

Alternative Financial Assistance Options

In addition to Medicare coverage, individuals seeking financial assistance for lift chairs can explore alternative options:

  1. Medicaid: Eligible individuals with limited income and resources may qualify for coverage under state-based Medicaid programs.
  2. Veteran Affairs (VA) Benefits: Veterans may be eligible for benefits through the Department of Veteran Affairs, including coverage for mobility devices like lift chairs.
  3. Nonprofit Organizations: Some nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations offer financial assistance or grants for medical equipment needs.
  4. Medical Equipment Loan Programs: Community-based programs may provide access to mobility devices like lift chairs through loan or rental arrangements at minimal or no cost.
  5. Health Insurance: Review existing health insurance policies to determine coverage for durable medical equipment, including lift chairs.
  6. Local Assistance Programs: Local government agencies or social service organizations may offer assistance programs for individuals with limited financial resources.

Benefits of Lift Chairs

Lonely old woman sitting on couch in a nursing home holding crutches and looking through the window.

Lift chairs offer numerous benefits for individuals with mobility challenges, including:

  • Increased Independence
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Improved Comfort and Posture
  • Pain Relief
  • Convenience and Versatility
  • Support for Caregivers
  • Promotion of Circulation and Mobility


While Medicare provides coverage for the lifting device component of lift chairs, navigating the process and understanding eligibility criteria is essential. By consulting with healthcare providers, selecting Medicare-approved suppliers, and adhering to Medicare guidelines, individuals can access the necessary support to facilitate mobility and enhance their overall well-being. Additionally, exploring alternative financial assistance options can provide additional avenues for obtaining lift chairs and other essential medical equipment. With the right resources and support, individuals can enjoy greater independence, comfort, and quality of life with lift chairs.

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